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What whale will I receive?

Your whale is Metaverse ready, meaning that you will receive a full-bodied 3D model of your whale, in order that you will be able to use your whale within videos, games or whatever else comes to your mind! The possibilities are endless!


Your NFT will be representing your whale in the form of a JPEG image, so that you can flex it nicely as your Profile Picture. 

The JPEG is 4K and has 3000x3000 pixel.

Shortly after launching the NFT on Babylon you will have the possibility to access your matching full-body 3D modeled whale on the website in form of a .fbx file. 

We cannot wait so see, with what creative ideas you come up to use your whales!

Don't forget to share your creation with the team and the community and we will be happy to push your personal project!

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