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Reservation token
The reservation token Meta Whale Plankton gives you the right to exchange it for a randomly generated Meta Whale Circle NFT, once the collection launched on the Smart Contract after the launch of Babylon.

Commercial Rights
By purchasing the Meta Whale Circle NFT, you will hold limited commercial rights for your whale and can use it for whatever comes to your mind. (within the legal boundaries of course and not harming the MWC collection in any way.) Revenues generated from the use of a whale will 100% belong to the holder. MWC reserves the right to use any whale of the collection for different purposes that may arise. 
The creation of derivative collections is forbidden.
We urge any holder to approach MWC proactively to discuss a potential use case, before starting the process, in order to minimize the legal risk for the holder.

By purchasing the Meta Whale Circle NFT, you will have all the rights to participate in the given utility of the collection, within the defined boundaries or limitations.

Radix Project Vault
By purchasing the Meta Whale Circle NFT, you will own part of the Radix Project Vault and have the right to vote according to your stake.


This is no financial advice.
General Cryptoindustry disclaimer apply to this collection.
The collection will be treated with the highest care and adequate measures will be taken to minimize the risk on the loss of capital and/or failure of the collection. Nevertheless there is an immanent risk in NFT and Crypto investing, that comes with the highest volatility and therefore may result in a total loss.  

The value of NFTs is subject to the individual perception and NFTs have no intrinsic value. This aspect is reflected in the price, which may fluctuate in both directions. 
The team reserves the right to amend any statement without previous notice and rejects any liability related to the change.
To summarize the Disclaimer:  As in any business there is a certain possibility of failure , since there are many factors influencing such a project, but we will always do our best to make this collection successful and create something great and meaningful in the Radix Ecosystem!


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