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Welcome to the
Meta Whale Circle

3'333 Unique Whales swimming on the Radix Ledger.

The Meta Whale Circle is a collection of 3'333 individual and handcrafted full-body 3D model 4K NFT whales that will be born on the Radix Ledger.

Each whale is carefully designed, based on hundreds of unique elements and stands for what we are all aiming to achieve or maybe even already did: To become a whale on our beloved Radix Network.

Entering the inner circle of the Meta Whales, means to join a family full of likeminded people. We all believe that Radix is the future and we all try to help the ecosystem to grow, which is only possible TOGETHER as a strong and passionate community.

What other symbol represents the unlimited possibilities better than the whale, to express the dream we are all living and passion we share for the cryptocurrency industry. 

That the members of our beloved community don't have to wait until Babylon launches, you can already now make sure, that your whale has just the right amount of plankton to eat, in order for him to become your loyal companion and reserve him to join your family. Once Babylon launches (Expected Q2 2023), you will be able to feed your whale the plankton and mint a randomly generated whale. 


T‍o reserve your whale and receive the plankton reservation token, please send XRD to the official Meta Whale Wallet :

Reserve Here
max.purchase per wallet:
250 whales
You can send XRD 300 or any multiple of it to receive the matching number of whales.
Any false deposit will be returned with the deduction of 5 XRD for the transaction and handling cost.
Price: XRD 300

Our Goal

Our goal is it to bring real art to the Radix Ledger and combine it with the right amount of utility, in order that every holder gets what he deserves: A unique NFT that is not only an awesome Profile Picture, but also a key to utility, through the implementation of a long-term focused roadmap.

Our Vision

To become the leading high quality 3D NFT community on the Radix Network and create real impact within and outside the Radix Ecosystem through a solid but evolving roadmap, with a focus on community inclusion. This all to increase the value of the NFT for the holders, raise awareness of Radix DLT, create a healthy community culture and additionally do some good in the world!

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