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Team & Collection

We are a team full of Crypto and NFT enthusiasts, involved in Crypto since 2017 and Radix DLT since 2020.

We are Entrepreneurs coming originally from the banking and art sector and going straight into the future.

The idea for the Meta Whale Circle evolved from different angles and can be split into 3 categories -> Choice of L1 Protocol, Choice of art, Choice of approach.

Choice of L1 Protocol:

For us it was an easy choice to launch our NFT on Radix, since everyone that understands the technology just enough, realizes that it is only a matter of time until Radix will become a major player in the Cryptoworld. 

People can say now, that other options like Ethereum would have been a more lucrative choice of a Network and we could have made millions just from launching Meta Whale Circle. 

For us it was clear, that this NFT has a much bigger purpose, than just making some quick money. We want to raise awareness about the Radix Network and value a humble, smart and supportive community above everything. Additionally what is the point of developing a long term NFT community on a Network that is not capable of functioning in the long term on the required global scale?

Choice of art:

The artist of our collection has incredible rendering skills and we wanted to use them in the best way possible to deliver the most detailed and realistic art pieces ever seen on Radix. Since the whale represents the dream of many Crypto enthusiasts, we found our perfect addition to the Radix Zoo.

Choice of approach:

Since our team is involved in many NFT communities, we looked at the critical flaws of how most projects fail and how to improve on those findings.

The most critical and severe flaws are a lack of community inclusion and not giving back to the community.

An NFT Community, as the name states is nothing without the "Community".

This is the reason we take this approach very seriously and include everyone in the decision making and give back to the community and the world.

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